p9260301_400Trees are essential to our world, offering a wide range of benefits to our environment. However, trees become hazardous liabilities if they fall and injure people or damage property!

Branch Creek Tree Services will help manage the trees on your property and will provide treatments that will make your tree safer, to reduce the risk associated with hazardous trees.

Regular maintenance can help prevent a tree becoming dangerous.


Branch Creek Tree Services is familiar with hazardous tree evaluation, and may suggest a number of measures to rectify the problem. These measures may include:

  • tree pruning - removing the defective tree branches;
  • bracing - providing physical support for weak branches to increase the tree's strength and stability;
  • provide routine care - tree pruning as dictated by the season and the tree's structure;
  • moving or removal of a non-fixed structure or other possible target, eg. picnic tables, cars, playground equipment, landscape feature, etc;
  • complete removal of the tree - some hazardous trees are best removed.

Branch Creek Tree Services will recognise and reduce tree hazards, thereby ensuring the safety of your property (and that of your neighbours).  

We will increase your tree's health, and also it's longevity.   


Call Branch Creek Tree Services: 5476 9126 or 0418 877 436.


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